How deadly COVID-19 or coronavirus is in Europe


Coronavirus started in Wuhan the city of china and is spreading rapidly all over the world. The number of coronavirus patients is in thousands So far so many people have died from this deadly disease. Starting from china this deadly disease has now spread to Europe the most affected country of Europe is Italy where thousands of cases were reported and hundreds of people are dead by now. If you have already planned to visit Europe you must have to know the following information.


Coronavirus in Europe

About a month after the initial coronavirus cases were reported in china coronavirus cases began to appear in Europe. After Asia, Europe is the most affected part of the world. More than 80 thousand cases were reported from all over the world and the death toll rapidly increases as there is no cure for this epidemic disease. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reported on the 4th of a march that 3,351 cases and 85 deaths have been reported in Europe. ECDC updates regularly about the coronavirus cases and death’s as per the report. Now let’s talk about some precautionary measures from this virus in Europe the basic and necessary measures are already taken. You need not worry about this all you need to do is to take the right decision at the right time. We will not advise you to cancel all your plans but to take necessary measures to prevent you from getting this deadly disease. The world health organization is also reporting about this disease.


Italy is the hotspot in Europe from the perspective of the most affected country by COVID-19, with 2,502 cases and hundreds of death’s as the number of affected patients is rapidly increasing day by day. Italy’s government is taking serious actions against this disease many areas were lockdown in order to prevent spreading this virus further. Many public events and large scale gathering is already canceled schools universities will remain closed till mid of March. The Italian government will update the people further according to the situation and circumstances. The government recommends people not to shake hands, hugs and kisses this will help to prevent coronavirus. Italy’s government is increasing the quarantine facility for corona patients. Canada recommends its citizens not to travel eight regions of Italy which include the popular tourist cities. Some Airlines canceled their flights to northern Italy and some are planning for fee changes. According to the CDC Italy is now on level 3 which is a very alarming situation for all of us.


The first coronavirus case was reported in France on the 24th of January 2020 and later on, February 25th first death was reported in France. The spread of corona in France is comparatively less than Italy and deaths are also are in fewer numbers than Italy. Sites like Eiffel tower remain open and public transportation is also on its daily routine. The Government of France announced the public gathering will be canceled until the next notice from the government officials. France closed the schools which are in affected areas of COVID-19. President of France is also making sure that the masks for the COVID-19 patients and for the people who are taking care of them will be available in response to the price variation of masks he said that he was prepared to regulate the price of hand sterilizer and face masks.


The first case in Germany was reported on the 28th of January no death’s in Germany have been reported from COVID-19. Like many other countries, the spread of coronavirus is very low. Germany is taking good precautionary measures they are taking care of the travelers who are coming from the other countries after the complete verification of the German government let them go. The key to the lower spread rate of COVID-19  in Germany is better management and early measures. Almost the transportation system remains open for the general public. The spread of COVID-19 is controlled in Germany as compared to Italy.

United Kingdom

The first case of corona in the U.K. was reported in England on the 31st of January.  No deaths were reported as of March 4 and more than 80 cases of affected people were reported. The spread COVID-19 in the U.K. was from low to moderate level later on the government announced to cancel the public gathering like the London book fair which was planned to held on 10-12 march is also canceled. The U.K. published a proper action plan to fight against the epidemic disease. The government is also looking for a possible solution of how to enforce the people to isolate them and how to treat the patients of COVID-19. The U.K. also planned for emergency legislation if needed. The travelers who came from Iran, China and other specific parts where COVID-19 has a high level of spread asked to isolate themselves even if they don’t have the symptoms of COVID-19.


The first case in Spain was reported on 1st February 2020. In Spain, the only death was reported on the 3rd of march. It seems that Spain is fighting well with this disease the spread and death rate in Spain is very low. Spain has not canceled the main events like fireworks for the festival “THE FELLAS IN VALENCIA” on the 1st of march. In Costa Adeje Palace hotel the Italian tourist tested positive for COVID-19. The hotel management asked the guests to remains in their room. People who are not affected by COVID-19 were asked to isolate for 14 days. Several events in Spain are going on as usual but without any spectators.

Precautionary measures

1: Use face mask (surgical) if you are in the affected area of COVID-19.

2: keep washing your hands after some time again and again for at least 20 seconds.

3: Avoid handshakes, kisses, and hugs.

4: Avoid Public gathering where safety measures are not taken.

5: If you feel ill consult the doctor as soon as possible.

6: Avoid eye contact with the people if you are in the affected area.

7: Try to be clean as hard as possible


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