Visiting northern canadian territory nunavut will make you feel awesome

Visiting Northern Canadian territory Nunavut will make you feel awesome
Visiting Northern Canadian territory Nunavut will make you feel awesome

Visiting northern Canadian territory Nunavut will make you feel awesome.

Nunavut’s Button Islands

If you are also keen on tourism you may not be unaware of the beauty of Canada. Many places in Canada are attracting tourists every year beauty of Niagara fall but today we are going to talk about the button islands situated in the northern territory of Canada. Button islands are divided into two groupings according to their directions on the map like one is on the southwest and the other is lying in the northeast direction. Different types of animals live their like bears, birds, and mammals. Button islands do not have an abundance of food but still, it is a very attractive place for tourists.

What is Nunavut?

Nunavut is the word of Inuktitut language which means “OUR LAND”. Inuktitut is the language of Canada that is spoken in the northern territories. Northern territories were formed in 1999. There is not much tourism in northern areas but people go there to enjoy the beauty of nature. Northern areas lack roads but still, people go there to satisfy their minds and hearts. If you live in another country and you want to spend the summer in the cold area, then this area will prove to be a paradise for you. If you go with family, it will be fun that you will never forget.

The loneliness of button islands

As we have talked about Button Island that the temperature is very low there. That’s why very few people live there and this area is far away from the developed areas of Canada. You may face difficulties to go there but if you are keen on an adventure this place is perfect for you to visit. Here you will also see the polar bears that will make good and adventurous memories for your lifetime. You have to use a boat to get to this area and this a reasonable way. You will also find a view of sea birds, Golden Eagle or an Arctic Fox searching for dinner. Button Island’s beauty is for the real adventurous people. There may also be a danger to your life as the polar bear is a very dangerous animal. They have a strong ability to smell they can sniff the food from fay away.

Spotting Polar Bear

When you spot a bear no doubt it will be an astonishing moment for you but always be careful from the polar bears. They have white color and may camouflage in the ice. So take the expert guide with you. Guides always take a rifle with them when they visit such places make sure to take rifles on your journey to prevent danger. Bears are the expert of their area you may not they will spot you before you spot them so keep yourself away from the dangers of attacking the polar bear. Before going on such a journey take complete precautionary measures like survival classes or training somehow training is not necessary. In summer polar bears are very hungry because of lack of food they are not as active as in the winter season. Polar bears are very strong and can swim for days they can overturn you. One male polar bear has a size of 10 men.

Story of British Explorer and German Boat

More than 200 years before the explorer Sir John Franklin suddenly disappeared in the arctic, Sir Thomas was appointed as the leader of the team to find the Northwest route and henry Hudson his crew members mutinied and put him in an open lifeboat. Button found nothing but lost one of his boats. In WWII the Germans made an automated weather station a few miles south of the button island after the successful landing of the U-boat there. At first, no one knew it for 3 decades until the photos of German researchers were found and spotted a reference.

Dangers of Northern Areas

The Trip of northern areas is not danger-free as many cases are reported before on such a journey. If you have decided to go to the northern areas, then you will have to be sure to face difficulties on the way. You must be prepared for the journey to keep in mind the weather situation may not be good. You will get a weather report from the Captain of the ship no need to worry about it. Take a compass with you for direction-finding so that you may not get lost in the wilderness of the Northern area. Take a sufficient amount of food with you as a compulsory item will help you with the initial settlement there. Make sure to hire the expert guide for your journey so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature regardless of any other thoughts including danger or extra treatments. After taking every safety measures you also have to be prepared for the self-survival as it is the last option if your life is in danger.

Life-Changing Experience

If you are going on the trip that means you want some rest from the daily work, tensions and want to go away from the rest of the world. After visiting the northern areas without the daily routine work, where there is no Wi-Fi no mobile no extra thoughts in your mind. I assure you that your soul will feel lightweight and you will feel fresh and ready to face the challenges of life with the fresh mind and soul. If you are living in a country where the temperature is very high throughout the year than this Islands will be proved to be the heaven on the earth.



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