Tragedy leads to changes in popular tourist attractions

Tour Planning. Tragedy leads to changes in popular tourist attractions.
Tour Planning. Tragedy leads to changes in popular tourist attractions.

Tragedy leads to changes in popular tourist attractions.

New rules and regulations

Xochimilco is the district of Mexico City this place is well known for its tourism. Every year many people come here to relish the beauty of nature. Xochimilco is well known for its canals where people buy the services of boat operators and spend their time in water boats. These flat-bottomed boats are called trajineras. People remain in the boats for hours and enjoy their time in the water. Many people took food with them and enjoy the beautiful moments. People do parties with friends and families and capture beautiful memories. Where people are enjoying the best moments of life in water it also involves some dangers of water. Recently an incident has shown us how these beautiful moments turn into tragedy when we are careless for our lives. On 1 September boy name “José Manuel Romero Reyes” who is 20 years old were partying with friends while he was trying to cross to another Trajinera suddenly he could not make it and fell into the water. When people say he did not resurface they stopped the party and dozens of people started to find out the boy but could not find him, the very next morning police found his dead body in the rescue mission.

According to the local newspaper, there have been 5 other cases in the canal since 2005. The tragedy that happened with the 20 years old boy was captured in camera and it will make an unforgettable mark on the people’s memory and restrict the government to enforce new rules and regulations to prevent further mishappenings. Passengers will no longer be allowed to shift from one trajinera to another or play music on loudspeakers. Tourists must be seated tightly when they are on their trip and never over drink. The boat operators should have life jackets for the tourists. These rules are being enforced since last week and other rules will be enforced gradually. According to Associated Press, the boat operators would love to follow rules they have no problem with it they gave their opinion to increase the no of police on the canals so that no one will break the rules. If someone does so, he gets caught and will be held responsible for their action.

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Keep yourself prepared for the new rules

A good citizen always follows the rules and never go against the law. Many people are seen that they are not following the rules after asking them it has come to know that they did not know the new rules. If next time you want to go visit Xochimilco keep these new rules in mind and as a good citizen follow them as your moral duty. Always wear lifejacket whether you are a swimmer or not, it will always be in your favor to wear such a life-saving item.


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