Reasons for you to provoke delaying a flight

Reasons for You to provoke Delaying a Flight
Reasons for You to provoke Delaying a Flight

Reasons for you to provoke delaying a flight.

There are many reasons for flight delay this may be a weather, technical problem or any other such problem. But there is also a problem due to which you can delay a flight this is cleanness. There is an incidence of flight delays due to cleanness. Once a husband and a wife traveling from Vancouver to Houston on Sunday. They boarded a United Airline flight from Vancouver to Houston. When they find their seats they saw not only their seats but also floor and seat back tray area covered in fresh vomit.

It seemed very invasive. When they ask them for this and said to clean the seats and floor than a flight attendant informed them that they were going to be the cause for a flight delay. I was informed, oh yeah, we can get a cleaning squad but you are going to be a reason for this flight is delayed, Sam Trail, the husband, informed local news station about this situation. Flight employee was more anxious about the flight timing than the cleanness. This was very uncomfortable for them. After all such things, flight attendants gave them some papers and a towel to clean their seats and floor by themselves. This was very disgusting.

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A preliminary flight attendant came onboard with spray cleaner and towel which didn’t clean up the vomit thoroughly but Trail and his wife were forced to sit there. Then after few days, the united airline released a press and they said that we are very disappointed that this aircraft did not meet our requirements for cleanness and once the issue was raised we took notice of this mistake and we send our crews for cleaning purpose before takeoff.’

Yes, this was technically the right statement they sent their cleaning squad onboard for cleaning their seats and floor. But the cleaning crew was unsympathetic and disrespectful. By informing the couple that they were the reason for the flight is delayed.’ The flight staff virtually just shamed them for this act. This is not the right place and the right time to raise this issue.

No one wants to be the cause for the flight to be delayed. Most people are accused of this situation but this is not the right thing. You paid for your ticket and you never deserve this behavior. Whenever you see this kind of situation you definitely be that person who is the cause for the flight is delayed. Without feeling embarrassed whenever you see literal vomit or fresh vomit you should raise your voice for this disgusting behavior of staff. No one deserves such kind of behavior if you paid for your seat. Be a person who knows his rights and how to get them. Don’t let anyone embarrass you.


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