Unforeseen Places to visit in fond of Mummies

Unforeseen Places to visit in fond of Mummies
Unforeseen Places to visit in fond of Mummies

Unforeseen Places to visit in fond of Mummies will elaborate in-depth about mummies existences in various locations.

Things to know about mummies

Ever since humans have come into this world from then until today Many people are buried after death. The manner of the burial of each is different depending on the area and civilization and culture. In some religions, they buried the humans after death but in some religions, they are forbidden to do so. Instead of burying the dead, they burn it but our topic is about those people who bury the dead. The most well-known mummy history is of Egyptian. The old and historical mummies are found in Egypt. People of Egypt in ancient times are experts in preserving the dead. It was the custom of the Egyptians to preserve the dead. There are many examples of this in the present era that preserved mummies of ancient times are still discovered today. A mummy was discovered in 1940 That is one of the oldest mummy of all time, which was discovered in a cave.


Fascinating behavior of people towards mummies

It turns out that Mummies can neither hear nor speak. They can’t think or they can’t Walk. But people are still very fond of learning about them. How old they are and how they were preserved in old times. the secret of people’s interest is because those preserved mummies were also living human beings back some time they were also walking and talking but now they are dead.

Museum of mummies “Guanajuato”

There are many museums in the world where mummies are kept. But here we will talk of just a few acclaimed museums. Which are very famous in the world. People from far away come to see Mummies there. One such museum is located in Mexico Whose name is Guanajuato. The world’s largest collection of mummies found here. Every year, thousands of people come here to watch the mummies. The first mummy was brought here in 1986. It Has come to hear that the smallest mummy of all time is also present in this museum.

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Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

One of the world’s most expensive museum is in united states named as Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum (REM). Well, there are a lot of mummies present in this museum, but it is well known for the collection of Egyptian mummies. It is situated in California at Rosicrucian Park. One of the reasons for this being expensive is its entrance fee which is about $9. Even today, Researchers are looking for more Egyptian mummies and they are successfully doing it.

The mystery of the Capuchin Crypt

Capuchin crypt Is well known for its historical and ancient value. It is situated in Rome Italy. At one time there used to be monks lived here, who were shifted from an old monastery in 1963. With the passage of time, they were dead inside this crypt. There is also a history of monks who served their life lonely in cave’s, churches or monasteries. It was discovered in 1775 but was first opened for public in 1851.

The reason is not known until today that Initially, the entry of women inside was forbidden. It seems that there are some religious reasons but after some time women are allowed to visit the Crypt. Inside the crypt, you will find a pile of bones.

World of Mummies

Many researchers around the world are very interested in mummies so that they can know about the history, traditions, culture and living standards of old people. You can also find that what those people ate in that ancient time. In this regard I saw an exhibition that was so amazing because that exhibition was not a traditional exhibition, that was of mummies. This exhibition was held in the southwestern state of the USA called Arizona whose capital is Phoenix. There are so many amazing things in the world, but it has a different significance.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science

You will see many museums in the world but if you are in Mexico and decided to see the museum have mummies for the exhibition then I will suggest you go to Texas. There you will find “The Houston Museum of Natural science”. You will find old items here mummies also. There you will also find the books and other material to read about the archaeologists, how they study the mummies.

The story about Mummies of Philippi

West Virginia is one of the states of the US. There are many ways to preserve the mummies but the story of West Virginia is different from others. In the 1800s a farmer preserves the mummies as he preserves his vegetables it was a new experience for him, but actually, it worked on mummies also. At that time, he preserved two mummies. But then those mummies were lost due to unknown reason, no one knows where they have gone. After a long time, those mummies were found again. Then a man keeps them at his house. Later on, those mummies were taken by the government and display them for the general public which is still present in West Virginia.

Have a visit to EGYPT

Today Egypt is well known because of the Pyramids which are one of the wonders of the world. But the Egyptians are very famous in the world because of their ancient civilization. Everyone knows that Egyptian People were very skilled at preserving dead bodies. That is why today we find a lot of mummies in Egypt and their museums. One such museum is also located in Egypt in which they displayed almost 120,000 Egyptian ancient artifacts. A section in this museum is especially dedicated to a famous boy-king of Egypt.


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