Things to consider while touring deer park, Nara, Japan

touring deer park
touring deer park

Things to consider while touring deer park, Nara, Japan.

How can a tourist elaborate insides of Nara Park?

Nara park is situated in the city of Japan called Nara. Nara is the most famous park in Japan, where you will be able to see deer and many other creatures which are living there. Many tourists every year decided to visit Japan and then they decided to go to Nara park situated in the city Nara Japan. Deer’s are the most abundant animal of Nara park. It is well known by the amount of deer’s that are living there. When you first visit Nara park you will be surprised by its huge amount of deer’s. Nara Park has the nation’s most gentle animals; most common of them are deer.

Introduction to this venue

Nara park is considered as the holy site for Japanese because in their mythology Takimikazuchi is their God of thunder who traveled here in Nara in 1880 on the local deer. Takimikazuchi is also known by its sumo wrestling because he is the one who competed in first sumo wrestling ever recorded in history. At that moment people considered the deer as the symbol of the city.

How do I reach to Nara?

First of all, you should have a Japanese visa and then the successful immigration process, after reaching japan the fastest way to city Nara is from Osaka. On the way to Nara, you can have many options. The best of all is by train which can cost you about $6 to $10. Nara park is about 20 minutes away from the Nara Railway station.

Where should a tourist stay?

If you have decided to stay in Osaka or Kyoto, then you will get more city trip with limited time and distance to Nara. There are many hotels available at any time for the reservation of the customers. The best option that we suggest to you is to book a hotel room from your country in advance. So that when you will reach japan you already have booked a hotel room so, no problems will come in your way. The places to stay in Osaka are Namba and Umeda.

Where should you Go?

Always keep in mind that the park is a public area, always open to the public. You can visit any time of the day or night you like but the problem is deer’s started to move to the forest later in the afternoon. The best time to visit is in the morning or early in the day. That will be the perfect time for the photoshoot or to enjoy the beauty of the park or symbol of the park “Deer’s”.

Cost factor

The most beautiful moments in life are to enjoy the beauty of nature and to explore new things in life. There are many historical places and cities in Japan, the historical sites including Todaiji Museum, Hokeddo Hall and Kaidenin temple, each visit will cost $4 to $6.

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Ethical factor

Deer’s are considered to be the holy animal in Shinto religion. Today animals are still considered to be valuable as that of the 1600s because in that era of time when someone kills an animal he was held for capital punishment but now they can also give you a jail sentence for killing an animal like deer. Japanese take much care of deer’s even they established a rehabilitation center for the deer’s, when they got hurt, injured or sick they will be kept in the rehabilitation center for the wellness and fully funded treatment. Due to this kind-hearted act of Japanese, the more deer’s can survive.

How much involvement can a tourist have with the Deer?

Sure, you can interact with deer’s but keep in mind they are a wild animal, they are gentle and used to the behavior of humans but sometimes they act strangely to the people. The most significant thing is that the people are selling the deer crackers, you can buy and gave them to deer’s they know how to act in front of you. Deer’s are living for many decades in the human-environment so they do not feel strange in front of humans. You can have pictures with deer’s and gave your love to them by rubbing your hand on their bodies. You can sit beside the deer’s they take it normally.

Miscellaneous things to know about the Deer

As discussed above, the Deer’s are holy animals for Japanese, they respect them and gave them good care. Considering the moral values of other peoples, you should respect their ideology and feelings toward different beliefs. Never stand between the mother deer and her child because if she felt danger she might attack you so, be careful in such situations. Deer have also understood the sign language like waving a hand and say bye-bye believe me or not they adopted the human behavior with the passage of time.

Staying period of time

You can spend time with deer’s as you want but the problem is deer are not bound to you, they go and stay where they want so if you want them to stay with you keep giving them the deer’s cracker is this way they may stay longer with you. People generally spent 2 to 3 hours in the park with deer’s this is your capability of how much longer you stay.

Compact memento

The most souvenir thing in Japan should be its ancient culture and traditional ways of living. Japan has many ancient cultures and traditions still working that way. In Japan, there are many old temples museums and historical buildings and cities. The most souvenir thing is the Nara park and Deer. The overall journey in Japan is very souvenir because you will have a different experience in Japan.


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