The temples in Thailand that lead to serenity

The temples in Thailand that lead to serenity
The temples in Thailand that lead to serenity

Temples in Thailand are the most common term to hear from tourists in that part of the worl. Thailand is famous for having Buddhist temples. The quantity is about 4000 which makes it a center for their culture and religion. Apart from their unique culture and moral beliefs, they have the most beautiful temples. Thailand is spotted as a prime vacation location. If you are fond of visiting new and places in your leisure space, this is the right choice for you. Visiting these beautiful temples will relax your nerves. These religious places have a special serenity and calmness which makes them perfect.

Wat Pho

It is located in Bangkok and is surely a masterpiece. It has a fascinating interior with attractive colors. The Buddha who lives here covers 150 ft of the area. It is no ordinary Buddha but made of gold. The underlying area is covered with 108 magnificent signs of Buddha. This makes it even more attractive. If you enter the complex and cover some miles you will find more interesting places. You will end up in Bangkok’s oldest university which is now a Thai massage school. This makes this place architectural and useful.

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Wat Rong Khun

It is a gorgeous white temple located in Chiang Rai. It is a symbol of contemporary art. Its walls truly depict the new and advanced Thailand. The white color shows peace and purity. It is different from other temples because it does not have the typical Buddhas residing in it. Rather than that there is a variety of painted contemporary scenery. More renovation is in progress which will be completed soon. After that, it will become more alluring. The tourists really like the perfect white color. They said it reminds them of Taj Mahal.

Wat Ku tao 

This incredible temple is located in Chiang Mai. It is considered a popular spot among tourists because of its surroundings. It is located near the old city. Here there are cafes that are very innovative and carry good taste. Thai freedom house is another main attraction near this temple. It is a support system of minorities in Thailand. This makes it more captivating. Tourists cover many spots while visiting them. Due to this, it is always rusty in vacations. The temple itself is famous for its characteristic “melon head”. Hence, named after it. Furthermore, the interior is also alluring.

Wat Lan Kuad

Last but not least, this temple is the most unique among all the 40,000. The entire inner is impressive with innovation at its peak. This is called the “temple of a million bottles”. This is because of its distinct appearance. It is stated that around 1.5 million beer bottles have been recycled till now. Their caps have also been utilized. Mostly the green and brown ones are preferred. The whole interior is made up of these pretty bottles. This amazes the eyes. The whole temple looks magnificent. The tourists are attracted and consider it a must spot during their visit. This temple is famous all over Europe for this alignment. If you are fond of temples do not miss this place.


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