What to see in Prague’s beautiful architecture?

Prague's beautiful architecture
Prague's beautiful architecture

There is a lot to see in Prague’s beautiful architecture.

Prague is famous as “the city of a hundred spires”. It is the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. Every place has a speciality. While Prague is famous for its beauty. The scenery and view make it heaven on earth. The tourists are ultimately attracted by the nature endorsed in this city. Every inch is the true manifestation of nature’s delicacy. This place is bisected by Vltava River, which adds to its beauty. Altogether, this place is full of sites, that will prove a treat to your eyes and soul. The highlights are mentioned below.

The magnificent Architecture

The first main point about Prague is its alluring architecture. It is much more beautiful than it looks in the photographs. The architecture is old and worth-seeing. For those who are fond of antique and history, this is like a treasure to get. It has beaten Paris in terms of beauty. The spots will specify the vintage look. Tourists are pleased to visit every corner.

Old Town in Prague

Here is another feather in the magnificent architecture of Prague. It is a cobble stoned hub with many beautiful attractions of Prague. It is a small area with spots of mesmerising beauty. This place is specifically famous for the old town square. The astronomical clock and Gothic church are a must see. The visitors surely stop by these places. These landmarks are the core beauty of this place.

Different styles of architecture

Prague is famous because it carries all the golden styles of architecture in one place. This makes it a treat for travellers. They fulfil their lust for history and architecture here. The oldest style is Romanesque.  Prague is one of the few cities where this style is still alive. The next attraction is the Gothic style. As mentioned above this style is highlighted in Old town.

It depicts the stonework mainly. The upcoming section includes Renaissance. This style gives a monumental touch. It indulges different ways of decoration. It is so fascinating to see such old and pure designs at one place. The other sections of the city comprise of Baroque and Neo. It is not possible to explain the diversity of this architecture in words. This is the place where all the ancient architectural remnants are still alive.

Shopping in Prague

This beautiful place allows you to take memories of it in the form of different and attractive things to buy. These things include Marionettes especially. Prague is famous for puppetry and they have experts in it. Moreover, the Garnets tone is also very famous which is special and attractive. Wooden toys are every child’s favourite and they are of good quality. You can take them as a decoration piece too. Bohemian glass and teas are also available at good prices with perfect quality. These products will always remind you of your visit to Prague.

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Altogether, Prague is a historical and architectural place to visit whenever you plan a vacation. It gives you a lot to learn and remember for life.


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