Why Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park is a must visit in vacations?

Georgia's Stone Mountain Park
Georgia's Stone Mountain Park

Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park – Why Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park is a must visit in vacations?

Georgia is a southeastern place is United States which is famous for beaches and farms. This city seems to close to nature. That is why it is spotted as a favourite place for tourists. Beach side biking and mountain hiking are the main attractions. Moreover, there are many parks with unique views that attract visitors. The famous Stone Mountain Park seems to hit the list on the top. It is a must-visit for visitors who plan their vacations in Georgia.

What is Stone Mountain?

Stone Mountain is actually a city near the capital of Georgia, Atlanta. This city is known for its amazing views and visiting spots. It is mainly the gateway to the famous stone mountain park. The whole city has many points to stop by.

Stone Mountain Park 

This place has proved a complete package for the tourists. There are many recreational activities available. You can lodge in and play golf. The whole serene atmosphere will play its part. Moreover, the cable car ride will be your best experience. This city is carved on a historic mountain. The whole look is Gray and stony. This cable car ride will take you on an amazing tour. You can see all the main spots of this park easily. The view from the peak is fascinating.

The bike path

This park has a superb bike path. This is surely an attraction for bike lovers. The aesthetic scenery and the beautiful atmosphere, with a full range bike, will prove the best combination.

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The walking trail

This path is open from dawn to dusk. For those who are fond of walking this is the best adventure. You can walk through the beautiful scenery. This will soothe your soul and refresh your mind. People say that this is the most beautiful pathway they have ever seen. So do not miss this while your visit to this fascinating place.

The carving history 

This is another interesting fact that tourists are excited about. The carving on the mountain shows the real heroes of the Civil war. President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, depict the carvings. In the memorial hall, the original designs are displayed. This is a treat for visitors, especially for history lovers.

Facilities provided

As this place is the most visited place of Georgia the administration has provided with the best facilities. There picnic spots for families. Public restrooms are available for the stay. The guides will show you the correct directions. There are shops and lodging sites on your service. Party facilities are available if you want to have a get-together. All these facilities make your visit memorable. So, if Georgia is on your vacation list Stone Mountain Park is the best place to visit.

You can check in the morning and leave at night. It will give you an album of memories. From walking trail to the cable car ride, every step will become an adventure.


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