Car ran out of gas in mexico, what to do now?

car ran out of gas in mexico
car ran out of gas in mexico. What to do now?

On way to Mexico, if car ran out of gas in mexico, what should I do now?

This is a story we often listen to bit we do not know what to do in such situations. So, when I personally experienced this, I decided to guide everyone about it. This is really a frustrating situation. I was on my way to Mexico for a long vacation. Everything was at a peak when I suddenly ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. I got freaked out for a moment. I could not comprehend what to do. I gathered my senses and these are the steps I took to continue my journey:

You always need to carry a spare steering and full car lock with you. So, that if you encounter such a situation, you are able to jam your car and leave it. The lock should be of best quality. It should be durable enough so that you can leave it on road. I locked the car properly and left it.

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One must have empty gas or fuel cans in their car. They are must for long traveling. Luckily, I had one can in the diggy. I picked it as my only hope and started walking.

I will advise everyone to keep a hardcopy of a map of the place where they are traveling. It really helps. I looked up the map to find any station near my location.

Always be in touch with the help lines in your area. I immediately informed them. It helped a lot. they guided me about the nearest gas station. Moreover, they were ready to come over and give me a  ride.

Keep your phone battery charged. Communication is very important in such situations. When you are alone on a road trip, do keep your phone in connection. The battery should be sufficient. keep in touch with your friends and keep telling them your location. In this way, you can easily get help when needed.

These were the guidelines when you are on your own. If you are traveling with your family and your car jams, you have to take an extra few steps.

Keep extra food in your car. If you ran out of gas in a faraway place, you have to walk many miles. You need extra food and drinks for this. Always keep storage.

Take the easy route. If you are on a road trip with the family, take the route which has many spots there. So that you can stop by easily. Avoid taking bypass or barren roads. They sound good for an adventure but if your car crashed down, you really need to make efforts. So, it is always safe to take the road near population.

This situation can happen anywhere, the last but not the least step is to stay calm. Do not panic. Just keep the precautions in your head. In this way, you are good to go on a memorable vacation. Do not spoil your moments by freaking out in such situations.


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