Too Much Disturbing Urban Legend


Disturbing Urban Legend

Disturbing Urban Legend, Urban legends are ghostly, Hollywood folklore used quite a few times as serving as a warning or to depict various events and for the purpose of entertainment. In the United States of America, these legends are mainly emphasized around the area of origin, with extraordinary and riddle deeply indulges in the place.

The Jackalope – Arizona

The Jackalope is the part antelope , part jackrabbit, and conspicuously inscribe all over the local memorial. But if you would like to hunt the most fanciful act in the southwest, have a look here: Jackalope milk may be an extremely causes excitement, but Jackalope are electrically fast, and their horns are blunt.

Hell’s Gate Bridge – Alabama

If you have a visit to Oxford, Hell’s Gate Bridge is well known by its most common know beauty of strangeness. Let me explain you about it, if you stop on the bridge and then turn around your side, the road exactly behind you will look like the fiery gates of Hell.

We had heard that quite a few times ago, a young couple died on this Hello’s Gate Bridge. On a hell night, if you stop on the Hell’s Gate Bridge and turn off the lights, someone of the couple will get with you on a vehicle by leaving a visual wet spot on the seat of the vehicle. The bridge was finally closed its gates to traffic in the 2005.

Kushtaka – Alaska

Kushtaka in Alaska, united states, welcome you for the cold which will freeze you. You have to wait for the full moon sign patiently. These tiny monsters show their worth to help visitors who are willing to die through submersion in and inhalation of water.

The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado , united sates, is so scary. You should have atleast a night stay there on the Stanley Hotel. Most of the visitors reported witnessing about activities which are  beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding .


The Fountain of Youth – Florida

There are many true stories of attack monkeys with herpes and face-eating cannibals, its considered as the state Florida doesn’t have any need of scary and dangerous stories. Urban legend seekers visiting to Florida to see the Fountain of Youth and its based on a big theme park.

The Spam Traffic Jam – Hawaii

No one can say with proof what exactly had happened between Volcano goddess Pele and her half-pig ex-lover, half-man and Kamapua’a, but for the moment Pele does not allow pork on the side of the island. You should try it by sitting inside your own car and it will going to stop in its tracks–until you feed the pork to a dog nearby you. Now that pettiness will be worth full for visiting.

Uncle Charlie – Iowa

Uncle Charlie in lowa, united sates,  is an awesome name for a ghost trying to generate a sound that is  un-scary and enough to be found curious into the bundle of woods to have a look for him at that night. Every year, lots of visitors and tourists do only that. If you’re enough practiced to fall for deceiving someone, pick up your cell phone and take a photo of the surrounding darkness by taking your flash on

Rougarou the Loup-Garou – Louisiana

Rougarou the Loup-Garou – Louisiana, in the united sates, we have all done what we did and now we regret it after knocking to the ground a few hurricanes in the USA’s  most memorable city. Rougarou is its natural habbit. Half wolf, half man and stalks the roads thirsty for the blood of the badly behaved. Do not tell anyone about your wounds otherwise you will turn into a Loup-Garou.

The Singing Sands of Bete Grise – Michigan


The Singing Sands of Bete Grise – Michigan, in the united sates, if you have a look on the south bar of the Keweenaw Peninsula, you will see a beach haunted. After grabbing a handful of the sand,  you will hear her cry out for her husband she lost. Do not try to bring the sand with you. It only sings at one place.

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 The Three-Legged Lady of Nash Road – Mississippi

The Three-Legged Lady of Nash Road – Mississippi , in the united states, You can have a run with a three-legged woman to a race. Driving to Nash Road and stopping at the church, turning off your headlights and honk your horn thrice. When you hear a knock on your roof, it’s a symbol that the Three-Legged lady is on the track to race with you. You must be careful. Because, she is not only the pretty fast for a ghost but she plays dirty and she will hit your car during the compeittion.

The Flathead Lake Monster – Montana

The Flathead Lake Monster – Montana, in the united states, Montana’s urban legend is not in danger of copyright strikes. But you can say that “The Flathead Lake Monster” is around the same size level and shape as “the Loch Ness monster” and locals have been searching her for just as long and as recently as 2017. So we are making addition of a few points for the probability to spot a Nessie that’s a lot more closer than the Scottish Highlands.

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