Awesome traveling places in UK


Traveling places UK is what people want to hear in that part of the world. Here we have brought you the most beautiful and amazing traveling places in the UK (United Kingdom) to visit. Their places will bring you to your memorable destination regarding top ‘traveling places UK’.

  1. Whiteless Pike, The Lake District

This area is full of natural beauty and the most beautiful part is kirkstone pass which is considered the most awesome place in England. There is the highest mountain pass in the country. There you will see incredible views and great hikes. Travells who love hiking so that is the best place for them.

  1. Hope Valley, The Peak District

The peak district has been the charming place for centuries, it is filled with beautiful hills and windswept crags. There are excellent walking trails and there are more beautiful and small restaurants which greet the travelers. There old beautiful building and its architecture mesmerize the visitors.  There are awesome regal Chatsworth House among its many draws.

  1. Hampstead Heath, London

It is full of green land. It is probably the one and only place in London where you will truly feel like you are in heaven. You will feel here that you are back to 1900. There are so many white and beautiful palaces which here attach with neat and clean water. It is considered the best place in the London and people love to visit there.

  1. West Cornwall

It is easy to understand that why most people visit there. Tourists love to come here because there are many things they want to enjoy, There is an uncountable list of heaven, Dramatic cliffs, windswept moorland, ancient fishing villages, renowned surf, mystical stone circles and much more. Some of the most attractive spots are Minack and Ballack and the sea.

  1. Dartmouth, Devon

There is a large sea full of ships. There are buildings in different colors and they are located in the sea back. The best part of this place is its weather. which is always best for the visitors. People love to spend there holidays and want to create their memories. There are special swimming places and boat ridings. You can also enjoy your time on the ship. It is totally beautiful.

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  1. The South Downs National Park, Sussex

There is the most beautiful park in Sussex. Which is 1600 square kilometers and it has an incredible view. It is called the bank to heaven. There are the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters rising out of the deep blue ocean. Its white and blue water change the mood and release the stress.

  1. Bath, Somerset

This is the most beautiful place in the United Kingdom. It has an awesome and elegant architecture and has famous Royal Victoria Park which grabs the visitors. It is famous for tourists and over two million tourists see per year. And the best thing about this place is its Thermae Bath Spa which is soaked in some of the naturally warm water that bubbles beneath the city.

  1. London, England

Are you looking for the perfect city? Then visit London. There is everything, from restaurants to hotels, from fashion to traditions, from culture to modern life. There is a palace of Queen, there is a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere, there is a famous bridge, and an eye for London. London is known as the perfect place for the makeup products, fashion, and clothing. People visit here for clothes and for makeups. You will find every makeup product from all over the world. You will find every designer shops and boutique from all over the world. Here every community lives, every culture lives and they are called the spark of the city.

traveling places UK
traveling places UK
  1. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is in England and there are prehistoric stone circle monuments. It is the best site for archaeological. These are unique because this stone hangs or gallows. There are more than 350 nearby monuments. Tourists who like rocks and monuments so this is the best site for them. They are 500 years old. There are some beautiful bluestones which are considered the earlier monuments.

  1. Tintagel Castle, England

This place is known for its sandy beaches and cream teas. There is the most famous Castle which is most evocative and most awesome cites in the United Kingdom and it is the birthplace of King Arthur. The beaches and sea paths are decorated especially for the wedding. There are perfect sea views. There is blue water around the Tintagel Castle.


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